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Great night at the Art Angels 25 bash, lovely cards as a celebration, I am in such good company!
6 days ago
Wonderful to have two new scarves from David Watson Silk Very pleased with these two.
62 days ago
Good to see the poster for my pop up exhibition in France on display.
63 days ago
Time is getting short now to visit my open studio, just three days left after today, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Here is one of the incredible David Watson silk scarves with my design on available to see. I have two new designs coming soon. I am open until 6pm today so drop by and see the exhibition.
106 days ago
A busy day today, lots to see, and people returning for a second visit. There are still four more day to visit. ( closed on Thursday)
107 days ago
A beautiful sunny day for my open studio, and the second week of Dorset Art Weeks. I am open from 11am today venue 210.
109 days ago
What a lovely day, the sun has been out, the ink has been rolled, and lots of smashing people have visited. If you are near Dorchester I am venue 210, open at 11am.
110 days ago
The start of June and day eight of Dorset Art Weeks. I am very pleased to be featured in June's Dorset Magazine. Do drop in and say hello if you are near. Venue 210.
110 days ago
Day eight tomorrow, I am planning to do some printing over the weekend, do drop in if you want to see the press in action. Venue 210 11am -4pm Dorset Art Weeks
110 days ago
Having a blast. Lots of lovely visitors so far. Still a week to go, last day 10thJune.
111 days ago
I am not open tomorrow as I am having a day off to visit some other venues. Open again on Friday at 11am, venue 210 Dorset Art Weeks. If you want a cushion you had better get there early as they are selling fast.
113 days ago
Day five is nearly over, the browser is lighter, and lots of lovely people have visited. Still one hour left to drop by if you are near.
113 days ago
Wonderful work and a lovely environment - come and see it for yourself
114 days ago
All ready for day four of Dorset Art Weeks, 11am -4.30pm today. Lots to see. I have three rooms of prints to see, ( over sixty) with some collograph illustrations, and some of my daughters wonderful landscape prints. Do drop by and say hello.
114 days ago
Dat three of open studios, such wonderful days so far, do drop by and have a look at the exhibition if you are near. Dorset Art Weeks
115 days ago
A very talented man #paulcleden
116 days ago
Day two of Dorset Art Weeks, lovely to meet new people and old friends, I am open until 4pm.
116 days ago
117 days ago
Yes a lovely first day. Well done
117 days ago
Such a great first day of Dorset Art Weeks wonderful to meet so many new people and old friends. I am looking forward to day two.
117 days ago

From my blog

5th January 2018

Dorset Arts week 2018

I haven't really  blogged here in a while, however with the start of 2018 i thought that maybe i should rectify this, especially with so many exciting things in the pipe line. Firstly here is on for the diary, 26th May - 10th of June 2018 for the first time i will be opening my studio for Dorset arts week.

This will be a chance to visit and see  how i make my prints, say hello and dare i say buy some original art work. There will be rare prints available, a big exhibition of both my printmaking work and some of my illustrations. There will be the chance to buy some work at a very good price, some special offers on certain prints. so come on down to Dorset and visit, it is a great event with lots of super work on show.

27th June 2016

Exhibitions, exhibitions, exhibitions.

I am delighted to be exhibiting in three exhibitions over the summer, here is information on the first.

It is at the Assembly House in Norwich, at the Novierre Gallery.

The private view is on the 8th July, and it runs over most of the summer.

27th June 2016

Gallery Nine exhibition.

The second exhibition that i am part of is at Gallery Nine in Bath. The Private view is on 1ST July, and again it runs over the summer.

27th June 2016

Grosvenor at the Brook

The final exhibition that i am part of is at the Brook Gallery in Burleigh Salterton. It has a selection of work inspired by the Grosvenor School of prints. The private view is on 14th July and it runs until August 28th.

2nd November 2015

Hello new studio

The year has almost run away with me and now having spent the last month moving house and unpacking, i can finally begin to turn my head back to work. The picture is back in the old studio, in our old house. I now have a temporary studio, the grand plan being a new studio in the garden at some point next year.

I am a little nervy now trying to begin to think about printing again in a new studio and in a new location.

Luckily i do have a few prints in hand to start off with. Do keep an eye on my page to see what comes next. 

22nd January 2015

New Year New Print

Here you have a new print underway, one of four which i am producing for the London Original Print Fair in April. I have quite a tight deadline with these, especially as this one is the largest for many a year!

22nd January 2015

I really should blog a bit more....

I seem to be rather slack as a 'blogger'( no spelling mistake here!), so here is another one for you all, my design rough for the next print i am working on. As well as this blog do check out my Facebook page 'Paul Cleden Illustrator Printmaker' at times i am better at updating that one.

1st December 2014

All Original Here.

I have of late visited galleries and other events and discovered work being sold as 'Original Prints' and merely being a reproduction of a painting or other such image, mostly as a giclée. I have no problems with people buying this work, as perhaps the only way to afford a specific image, but it becomes increasingly frustrating to see them advertised as 'Original Prints'

'At it’s simplest, we define an original print as an artwork that has been manually printed by the artist (or with some processes, printed under the artist’s direct supervision). It is not a reproduction. The artist will have created an image on block, stone, plate or screen from which the final print is produced. They will choose the paper that the image is printed on and will determine the edition size of the print (the number of copies printed). Once printed, the artist will then number and sign each of the prints.'

This a direct copy from St Jude's web site, not an original but a copy, just like so many artworks claiming to be 'Original prints"

All my works are Original Lino prints or Original Collographs, no copies or any other reproduction methods. They are all hand printed and each piece is an original artwork created by my self. All to often an artwork advertised as "original print' is merely a copy of a painting or historical image. You will find none of that here.

19th November 2014

Peloton finished

Here is the end result, all ready and waiting. There will be another new image very soon as well. You wait for one new print to come along, and then two come along at once!

13th November 2014


With the first three colour ready, i only have one more to add before this is ready. I am just waiting for the last colour to dry.

13th November 2014

Illustration example

It has been really good to return to produce an illustration, hopefully i will be producing more in the near future.

10th September 2014

Art Angel cards

I am so pleased with these new cards from Art Angels, they are the start of a series called 'Momentum' these three are the introduction set. They are now available from all good card shops! They will also be prints very soon.

22nd July 2014

'Sprint' to the summer

With the Commonwealth games starting tomorrow here is my latest print design, only proofed at this stage but I am very happy with it so far.

1st May 2014

Block number 2

Block number two offset and marked up ready to cut,i even had time to bake some banana bread in the gaps while ink was drying. A good afternoons work so far.

30th April 2014

The London Original Print Fair

I had such a great few days in London last week, it was just so exciting to see my work hanging in the Royal Accademy.

Not only that in the same section as me was Sir Peter Blake, Marc Chagall, Barbara Hepworth, Norman Ackroyd, Chris Orr, Howard Hodgkin..........need i go on . Just amazing.

30th April 2014

Cycling print begins

I am back in the studio this week after the extraordinary time spent in London at the London Original Print Fair. Another superb thing to come from last week was a meeting with the excellent folk at Art Angel cards. This is the first of three designs which will become a collection of designs for a set of cards. Each will be die cut and printed on two sides with movement and figures as a theme. Watch this space!

27th February 2014

Platform Talk

I have just proofed this print, and as i type my fingers are still inky. I must say that i am very pleased with it at this point. It is another large print and one which will be exhibited at the London Original Print Fair this year.It is great to proof a print and be so pleased, no doubt i will soon see lots of things i would like to change.

13th February 2014

Ski Cross Proof

I have just proofed the 'Ski Cross' print, i want to live with it for a while to see if i need to add or change any part of it. Mean while i am working on two new prints in the underground set i started last year.

6th February 2014

Ski Cross

With the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics tomorrow afternoon, it seems very apt to be proofing this image. the extra image from the series of prints based on the sports represented at the Olympics.

5th February 2014

Brook Street Gallery

So good to visit the wonderful Brook Street Gallery Yesterday, and it is smashing to be exhibiting there now, this has been quite a year so far for galleries. The other exciting development is the be exhibiting on the Brook Street Gallery's stand at the London Original Print Fair, in the Royal Academy in April. 

31st January 2014

Ski Cross print

A new print ready to start, this week i have been working on a set of ideas, this is the one which has taken the lead, and now the first block is cut ready to get on with on Monday.

18th January 2014

Private view Norwich

I had a wonderful day in Norwich on Thursday, the main reasons for the visit was the attend the private view of the Winter exhibition at the Noverre Gallery. I am exhibiting twelve images all with a winter theme.

Norwich is a wonderful city, well worth a visit, as is the Noverre gallery at the Assembly House.

all in all it was a splendid day,I even managed to get a great deal on first class rail travel, which I would also thoroughly recommend, especially after a day on ones feet!

18th January 2014

A smashing start to 2014

So far 2014 is proving to be a splendid year with not one but two new galleries to exhibit in. Firstly Cambridge Contemporary Arts have asked if I can exhibit with them, a gallery that I have had my eye on, and then Hornseys the Gallery in Ripon have purchased two copies of Road Race to exhibit. Hornseys is another great gallery that I have had my eye on for a while now. So all in all a wonderful start to the new year.

25th November 2013

Ice Hockey proof

I have been busy with two new prints ready for the Winter Exhibition in Norwich in the New Year, here is the first proof, ice hockey, a few details to sort out but i am pleased with it at this stage.

23rd October 2013

New cycle proof

Here is the latest proof of my next print, there are still some things to sort out, a few little registration issues,and the colours are to bright. A little more and it will be done>

18th September 2013

New Cards

Its always good to get a package in the post, especially when it is full of cards from Art Angels.

16th September 2013

The next print........

Here is the design so far for my next lino, i am looking to include far more texture within this one, just a little more to do on the colours, and the composition.....nothing much then!

12th September 2013

A new print hanger

Having run out of hanging space to dry my prints on several occasions here is some extra space in production!

16th August 2013

The Mere Gallery

I am really pleased to be in a new gallery. It is The Mere Gallery, on lake Windermere, in Bowness   

This is a gallery that specialises in printmakers, which is great, and is the furthest north that my work is exhibited.

i may one day get that far to have a look!

9th August 2013

Christmas in August.

It can be a weird thing being an artist, on a hot August day, i have just finished re-printing this image for a charity Christmas card. 
Just so the supermarkets don't tempt you later this month with their Christmas offerings, this design will be available to buy from the Pallant House Bookshop Gallery at a time a little nearer Christmas with all the proceeds going to St Wilfreds Hospice in Chichester. Who can be the first person to send me a card with my own design on?!

15th July 2013

Pallant House Bookshop Gallery Exhibition.

I am in an exhibition at the Pallant House Gallery until October. I am exhibiting with Gail Brodholt and Andrew Pavitt. It is a loverly place to exhibit and a wonderful to be exhibiting with Gail and Andrew.

12th July 2013

'Maze Cutting'

Here is a quick photo of a new print for an exhibition i am in in Saffron Walden this summer.It is nice ti be doing a summery print after the recent winter prints that i finished recently.

4th July 2013

Delivery Of Work

Here i am delivering some work to the Pallant Bookshop Gallery for the exhibition i am in.

It is on between July and October, so if you are near Chichester do have a look. I am exhibiting with Gail Brodholt and andrew Pavitt, two wonderful artists.


24th June 2013

Printing progress

Here is the state of play this morning,prints now dry, and piled up ready to add the last two colours.

24th June 2013

Bobsleigh final

Here now is the finished print, I have even some interest in it before it was finished. Very nice to have had a possible purchase from veiwing the proof on an e-mail!

15th June 2013

Speed Skate proof.

I am half way through printing this one now. The final edition will be complete on Tuesday.

I am very pleased with it which is always a bonus!

10th June 2013

Proofing again.

It is always exciting to proof  a new print. There are some minor details to sort out, but i am pleased with it at this point.

22nd May 2013

New Print colour study

Here is a new idea in development for one of my next prints. Another with a Winter Olympic theme.

This may be the colours i use as it has gone surprisingly well!

15th May 2013


Stage one, two colours.

15th May 2013

Proofing 2

Stage two,Three colours.

15th May 2013

Proofing 3

Here are all four colours, proofed with some minor changes after some reflection.


14th May 2013

Bob-sleigh cuttings

I have just finished the final block for my next print. Now i can begin to proof it, i am really looking forward to this as its always exciting to see a new print for the first time.

9th May 2013

Bob-sleigh design sheets

After a bit of a wrestle I have got a design I like, in fact I am very pleased with it. Really looking forward to printing this one.

29th April 2013

Card at the Tate Britain

I was thrilled to see my Olympic Velodrome card by Art Angels at the Tate Britain last Friday.

I had to walk past it a few times just to check it was really there.

18th April 2013

Drying Prints

Another edition drying, just waiting for the last colour to be printed tomorrow.

17th April 2013

Fantastic new roller

I've used my new roller for the first time today, a pleasure to use, and a great aid to printing.

15th April 2013

Catching Flies

A the weather seems to be stuck in winter mode here is a warm picture.....remember days like these?

13th April 2013

For Arts Sake

I am very pleased that i am For Arts Sake's Artist of the month for April 2013

do check out their web site at


15th March 2013

Studio tidy

With the sun out it feels like spring, so a spring clean of the studio has begun....................what have i started!

5th March 2013

The Four, final proof

Here is the final colour addition to my next print.I must say i am rather pleased with it.

4th March 2013

The Four

The second of two print that i am editioning at present. Two colours printed, two to go. I will post it very soon.

13th February 2013

Skater proof

I have just proofed this image with a different order of colour than i would normally do. i really don't like the result! i do like the fact i can tweak the print further before the final edition.

12th February 2013

Wrestling with colour

I really like the idea for this new print, but am having a real wrestle with its final colour combination. Just look at all the variations so far. I am still no nearer one i like.

4th February 2013

Somerset House Skateing

After a great visit to London just before Chistmas, here is my latest print, based upon a pleasent hour drinking hot chocolate and watching skaters making their way around the ice. As figures in action are always a draw this subject apealled greatly.

16th January 2013

New cards

It is always good to get post, especially when it is some wonderful cards from the great people at Art Angels.

14th January 2013

Escalator talk

Here is the finished print, nearly. I have taken away a little of the dark blue now so look out on the website for the final version to appear soon.

8th January 2013

Colour number three

After a long break, far longer than I had intended, here is the next colour addition to this print. As soon as this layer is dry the final colour will be added.

17th December 2012

Second colour.

Here is my current print in production, hopefully you can see what it is. It is the biggest print i have done for a while. Thanks to the new press i may be doing more this size. If all goes to plan it will be finished later this week.

13th December 2012

New cycling print.

Here is my next print, another sporty one. Look out for another next week.

12th December 2012

Sketch book page

I realised that it has been rather a long time since i have included any illustration images, yes they are still there, just below the surface, its just that the printmaking has been VERY busy of late. A good reason.

So here is a page from my sketch book which hopefully will be of interest. Thanks for the kind e-mails  i have recived recently from lovely people who like what i am doing. More blogs will follow!

12th December 2012

Christmas Days

 With only a week or so to the big day here is a poem to celebrate. Hope you like it.




Frosty nights with glistening trees

Lights in windows; snow on the breeze

Excited hopes that sparkle bright

Someone special will arrive tonight

Christmas Eve silent and still

Stockings dangle ready to fill

Jewel-like glints adorn the tree

The scent of needles given free

Excited whispers slowly cease

As sleep begins its night time peace 

Dreams arrive, full of hopes

Of racing sledges on snowy slopes

Twinkling frost wiped off the glass

Hoping to see a reindeer pass


Flying low and collecting dreams

Riding over and down moonbeams

A flash of red and a twinkling bell

Starry skies of this Noel

Softly from the fire place

Dust and soot wiped off his face

A bag of treasures upon his back

Amazing marvels in his sack

Sparkling packages left this night

Await the children wrapped up tight

Golden ribbons surround the gifts

As up the chimney again he lifts

Off once more on his moonlit way

Reindeers breath before his sleigh

Chimney tops and snowy roofs

The muffled sound of many hoofs


Stillness floats around the room

Sparkling joys play their tune

Ready for children’s happy eyes

Fill their hearts with such surprise

The stars that fade in morning rays

Begins the fun of Christmas days


4th December 2012

New location for Bourneside Gallery

Here is the inside of the Bourneside Gallery, now located in the centre of Dorking. I am looking forward to a visit soon.

4th December 2012

A week of cutting.

As you can see the bin is again full of lino scraps, after several days of cutting i can begin to print. Exciting and with lots to do I shall be busy untill Christmas.

16th November 2012

Underground Escalator

Here is the first proof of my next print, the biggest i have done since college. 40cm x 40cm, with some ajustments this block is complete.

12th November 2012

Next print

Here is the latest print design, exploring colour variations..........nearly there!

5th November 2012

' For Arts Sake'

I was delighted to deliver a slection of prints to a gallery in London

' For Arts sake' is a wonderful gallery in the heart of Ealing.

Do check out their web site as it is full of jewels, or better still visit the gallery,I greatly enjoyed my visit.

9th October 2012

Down Hill Skiers

Its always really exciting to see your work used. Here is the latest card for the excellent 'Art Angels'. What is very nice is the fact that this edition has sold out, so to have it avaliable as a card is great.

I know you can purchase it from, so do look out for it. 

3rd October 2012

Pheasant Print

I have just finished a new print based upon a Pheasant, this is rather experimental and so i have only got an edition of 12! The next one using thie technique will have more.

25th September 2012

Etching experiments.

Here is the first stage of a new print. For a while now Iv'e been wanting to introduce a greater range of textures into my lino cuts. Here is the print so far. There are four colours at present.

13th September 2012

Rugby Print pt3

This is the penultimate colour, a red, at this point the image is developing. I always find it exciting to watch the picture appear. It reminds me of a photo developing.

13th September 2012

Rugby Print pt2

Here you can see the Terra cotta orange added, this is the flesh colour and with it you begin to see the figures appear.

13th September 2012

Rugby Print pt 1

Here is the first layer of this latest print to show how a print is built up.

12th September 2012

Rugby Scrum

Here is the final version of my latest print, bringing back memories of the crush involved with playing this sport.

23rd August 2012

Bourneside Gallery

I have just delivered a selection of work to the Bourneside Gallery.

I am really pleased to be part of such an excellent gallery. There is a wonderful selection of work, with a strong influence of printmaking, which is always encouraging to see. With the extra bonus of some loverly Mid Century furniture and glass, and as i love 1950's furniture an added bonus.

I would thoroughly recommend a visit,or check out their web site at

23rd August 2012

Pallant House Gallery

 I have had an excellent summer, with perhaps to much time on the beach, but here is some great news, another wonderful gallery has taken on my work . check out their web site at . and check out their superb work.

I will be visiting them soon.

25th July 2012

Rugby Scrum

I am nearly ready to print this next design, i have had the idea of a 'rugby scrum' in my sketch book for a while now, and so far I really like the way it is going. I will be ready to print in a week or two.

20th July 2012

Art Angel cards

Here is the first design to be used by Art Angels,I am really pleased with the card. Check out their web site 

See if you can find the card in a shop near you soon!

9th July 2012

Only one colour to go

Here is the current image i am working on with only one more colour to print. I have a red left to go. Having used the new press for the first time on this print i am very pleased with with the whole process.

19th June 2012

New Prints

I have just begun to cut my next print, i have had this design in my sketch book for a few months now. It is at times strange to be working on a wintery print in summer. 

1st June 2012





There on the front most part of your face

You’ll find a protrudence to cause a disgrace

From far up your nose there begins to twitch

A ghastly, horrid and blasted itch.

You’ll know at this point its going to blow

As from up your nose things start to flow


What shall I do?

What can be done?

Oh help me, please 

It’s going to run.


A runny stream begins to drip

Slowly down on it’s slimy trip

With one almighty booming sneeze

Everyone’s hair moves in the breeze.

A spray of green and slimy stuff

Fills the room in a great big puff.


What shall I do?

What can be done?

Oh help me, please 

It’s going to run


You stuff up a finger to stop the fizzle,

You grip on tight to your wretched schnozzle,

You wait for the outburst, the minutes tick by,

You hold your breath, you really try.

Then all of a sudden in a terrible spurt

You cover the back of your brother’s shirt




What shall I do?

What can be done?

Oh help me, please 

It’s going to run.



You purchase an enormous crocodile clip

Hoping to halt the annoying drip.

It pinches your nose with the hold of a vice

Your nose turns blue; is it worth the price?

But yet again the plan has a flaw,

When down your throat green bogies pour

You cough and splutter and start to spit

Making you look like your having a fit.


What shall I do?

What can be done?

Oh help me, please 

It’s going to run.


A doctor suggests you fit a tap

To block up the hole, to fill the gap.

Another sticks needles all over your nose

And cleans out each nostril with a tiny hose.

None of them help the problems go

Taps and needles can’t stop the flow.


What shall I do?

What can be done?

Oh help me, please 

It’s going to run.






Blowing and wiping with all of your might

All through the morning and into the night,

Leaving behind a trail of green goo

Covering your face right down to your shoe.

The backs of your sleeves are a terrible state

You have to buy tissues in by the crate,

Lumpy and runny and horribly thick

If you run out of glue you can use it to stick!


What shall I do?

What can be done?

Oh help me, please 

It’s going to run.


When all of a sudden you find you can breathe

The sniffles have left you, they decided to leave.

You wander around giving things a great sniff

You really don’t care, whatever the whiff.

But the after effects of all your sneezes

Is the rest of your family all have diseases.

Your dad’s nose is red; your mum has the flu

Your brother is rushing upstairs to the loo!


What shall I do?

What can be done?

I’d better leave now

I’m going to run.






1st June 2012


The first week of my exhibition at Colmers Hill has gone really well, the workshop on Monday was very enjoyable with some super 'students'. I have also had a glorious day sitting with the work. Only a week to go so please do try and visit if you have the time.

18th May 2012

Dorset Arts Week Exhibition

Here are the prints framed and ready to go for Dorset Arts Week.

Check out the link or the Dorset arts week link.www, and search for me.

3rd May 2012

Olympic Sailing Print

Here is the final Olympic print, the most complicated of the lot. This is a multiblock reduction. It has been both etched and cut to give a contrast in marks. I hope you like it.Just for your information if you look carefully you will see the Weymouth Sailing Academy in the bottom right corner

30th April 2012

Rowers update

Here is the final version of this print. Look out for it on the Lino page.

21st April 2012

New Press

Today  took delivery of my new press. It was quite a job to get it into the studio, next job is to lift it onto the table!

As you can see from the picture it is quite a big press, its smaller brother is the average size.

Hopefully i'll fiind a group of people to help lift. Watch this space! 

20th April 2012

Next Olympic Print

Today i have proofed the penultimate print in my Olympic series. 'The Rrowers' I am still playing with the final colour so keep an eye open.

19th April 2012


Soon upon us is ' Dorset Arts Week' I am exhibiting at Colmers View.

Check out the web site. .


I will be exhibiting a good selection of work including some new Olympic prints.

I will also be leading a workshop on Collograph. Do check it out and sign up. 

9th April 2012

Olympic prints

Here is the progress with the set of Olympic prints. I have five planned and am about to start the first on in print. I should have them all ready by late March.

9th April 2012

Cycling print

The year seems to have run away with me, while I've been madly printing, I have neglected to add any blogs so here is a treat, a new lino. First of the series on the Olympics. There will also be three more, one swimming, one rowing, and being so near to Weymouth a sailing print.

They will be on show at the Pierrepoint gallery and during Dorset arts week May26th-10th June.


19th December 2011


I'm looking forward to a festive  couple of weeks and putting the 'Olympic prints' on hold for this time.

Look out for news of them in the new year.

If I haven't seen you then have a very Happy christmas.  

18th November 2011

Colour variations

I have a selection of prints in production at present. Here are some colour studies for one of them. Still undecided as to which one i will choose.I spend a day drawing at the Olympic sailing venue which is now included on my sailing print You might recognise this from an earlier blog.

19th October 2011

Olympic Prints

I've just begun to develop a series of prints to celebrate the Olympics next year.

I'm producing a cycling design, a sailing design and a swimming design.

Here are some early thoughts for the cycling designs. 

21st September 2011

Another mask

Here is another mask from the Lion King production. These characters were very amusing.

9th September 2011

Back in the studio

After a wonderful summer break i am back in the studio and working on an online book, here is a page from my sketch book with a few characters i may use.

9th September 2011

Lion masks

I was asked a couple of years ago to create some lion masks for a school play. They wanted some masks based upon the London show.

Here is one of my cardboard versions, somewhat cheaper then the London production!

22nd July 2011

Larma Tree Festival

Here is the new work before the recent exhibition at the 'Larma Tree Festival'

A good time was had by all.

22nd July 2011

Tube Train Finished

Here is the final version of Tube Train, follow the progress previously on the blog.

14th June 2011

Tube Train finished

I have spent a good day finishing the Tube Train print I am pleased with the end result. It should be online soon to view

14th June 2011

Printing to music

Today has been a great day finishing off the tube train print while listening to old vinyl records.I will have several more prints ready for the summer show i'm involved with. Watch this space for further news.

6th June 2011

Affordable Collectable

This has now become a permanent exhibition, and will keep being updated.

Also it will go on tour over the summer watch this space.

If you are in Bridport do have a look.

6th June 2011

Escape to Dorset course

I'm teaching on a very good course later this year, so if you want to learn a bit more about my work and investigate some collograph printing please follow the link

Check out the courses section.

It's a wonderful location (see picture) with outstanding views.

It would be great to meet you there.

6th June 2011

Tube Train in progress

Here is the 'Tube Train' print after i have proofed it and corrected the front of the train.

It should be printed soon.

11th May 2011

Pages from my sketch book 2

Here is another print in development, i still want to get more movement within this.I'll be starting on it soon.

30th April 2011

Pierrepoint Gallery Extension

Great news, the Pierrepoint is making 'Affordable Collectable' a permanent feature, so do go and see it if you are in Bridport, or take a look at the new website at the 'Pierrepoint'

Here is the link  

30th March 2011

Exhibition at the Pierrepoint Gallery

If you want to see more of my work I am part of an exhibition at the Pierrepoint Gallery, Bridport. Opening 11th April for two weeks.'Affordable Collectable Art'

28th March 2011

Blog number1

Here goes, the first blog, a new experience! Mind you, I have been very impressed with others I've seen recently. May i recomend Gail Brodholt's; really impressive. Hope I can match it! Here's my studio ready for action....

28th March 2011

Pages from my sketch book 1

I'm going to add a selection of pages from my sketch book from time to time to give an idea of what I'm up to.

Here is a design nearly finished for a tube train. The lights on the front are not right yet.